The beginning

The founding of the Cooperative took place in Messinia.

In addition to the producers of Messinia, other growers from the rest of Greece participated. Cultures are under the guidance of scientific collaborators and support technicians for the development and care of the plant. The cultivation of the hippocampus has already begun since 2012.

The aim of the Cooperative is to process the production and to standardize our products at the premises of our Cooperative. All of our crops are organic and will be certified by TUV Hellas as the final product stage.

Our future plans

Our future plans are the supply and distribution of our products at many points of sale both in Greece and abroad, as well as the creation of new innovative products.

The Cooperative nowadays

The Cooperative is in the process of creating new innovative products and expanding its sale to more sales outlets to meet consumer needs for quality and pure products.

Board of directors

Panagopoulos Theodoros

Vice president
Andreou Xristos

General secretary
Meskos Georgios

Mparakopoulos Panagiotis

Member of the Board
Sakkatos Dhmhtrios